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Where to begin, where to begin… Falling in love with India.Arie was one of my defining moments as a black feminist. I listened to her album Acoustic Soul on repeat for months and despite the subtle, poetic beauty of her voice and her inspiring, relatable  lyrics she never really received the credit or appreciation her creations deserved. 

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The best way to explain is India.Arie is that her music always has a quiet power to it which is best illustrated by her newest album recently “SongVersation with India.Arie.” This album comes on the heels of a four year hiatus. Her soulful music provides the kindness and peace of Buddhism with all the soul of, well, soul music.

Listen to some of our favorites “Get it Together,” “I Am Not My Hair,” “Brown Skin,” “I Am Light,” “Little Things,” and “Video.”

xx LBB

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